English Placement Calculations

High School Performance Metrics
SRJC English Placement Calculations

HS GPA: 2.6 and above

Eligible for English 1A or ESL 10

HS GPA: above 1.9 and below 2.6

Eligible for English 1A or ESL 10

English 50 is a recommended support course that students with a GPA above 1.9 and below 2.6 may take with English 1A

HS GPA: 1.9 and below

Eligible for English 1A with concurrent enrollment in English 50*

English 50 is a co-requisite support course that students with a High School GPA 1.9 and below, must take with English 1A

*PLEASE NOTE: If your Placement Results requires you to enroll in ENGL 50 concurrently with ENGL 1A, then you must enroll in both in the same semester/term. If a section of ENGL 50 is not offered or space is not available in any section this term, you may submit a Prerequisite/Corequisite Challenge Form to the English Department for a waiver of the co-requisite.

To Multilingual Students:

English as a Second Language classes may be a good choice for you if English is not your first language and you still want to improve your reading, writing, grammar, speaking, and/or listening skills in the English language. If you need help deciding, please meet with a counselor.