Why should I take a placement test?

Assessment is one of the critical steps to help students start on a successful pathway in college. It is important that students take the classes for which they are academically prepared. Placement tests are designed to help determine the appropriate levels of courses that students need to take in mathematics or English as a Second Language (ESL).

Is it required to take a placement test?

Students may fulfill the Assessment requirements in a subject area (Mathematics, English, or ESL) through one or more of the following:

1. Completing an equivalent course at a post-secondary accredited institution in that subject area (the course will determine placement

2. Earning a qualifying AP score or IB exam score in the subject area (students should contact Office of Admissions and Records for details).

3. Taking the SRJC placement tests within three (3) years prior to initial registration.

4. Taking valid, approved placement tests at other two year California community colleges within three (3) years prior to initial registration.

5. Having valid Early Assessment Program (EAP) results that satisfy placement conditions determined by the District: Conditional EAP Review Form | EAP Information for Students

No placements tests are required for CSKLS 312, Grammar & Writing Skills, and CSKLS 371, General Arithmetic.) After Receiving a course placement, you may enroll in that course or a lower course level. In addition, your course placement information may be helpful to you if you are interested in taking other courses at SRJC.

What do I need to do to take the placement test?

Submit a Santa Rosa Junior College (SRJC) application online at Photo identification is required to test (i.e. Drivers License, Student Body Card, or Passport.) Know your SRJC Student Identification Number and Student Portal Pin Code. All testing materials will be provided. Cell phones must be powered off. No food or beverages allowed in the testing room.

Do you have to make an appointment to take the placement test?

Both appointment and drop-in scheduling options are available. Make your appointment online at or contact Student Success & Assessment Services, 707-527-4661. For Drop-In options check out the testing schedule online. Latecomers will not be admitted after the test begins. Arrive at least 15 minutes before the test begins.

Drop-In - sign-ups will begin in person 15 minutes prior to the start of the test. Seating is limited.

Appointment - although a test session may be full, some seats may become available. Arrive, no earlier than 15 minutes prior to the start of the test and ask to be put on the waitlist.

Where can I find the placement testing schedules?

Testing schedules are in the Schedule of Classes published each semester, and also on the Student Success & Assessment Services website at Testing schedules are also available at the Student Success & Assessment Services Centers at the Santa Rosa Campus in Plover Hall, Room 531; and at the Petaluma Campus in Jacobs Hall, Room PC127, and PC109 at Admissions and Records Office.

Is there a fee for taking the placement test?

There is no fee to take the placement tests.

How can I prepare for the placement test?

Take the right math course by attending a Free Academic Skills Lab/Courses. Login to your Student Portal to make an appointment. Math Study Guides are also available at the Student Success & Assessment Services Centers. Go online for more information or contact Student Success and Assessment Services.

How long are the Math and ESL (English as a Second Language) Placement Tests? 

The math placement test is 45 minutes, except the Pre-Calculus, it is 1 hour; however please allow time to take two levels. The ESL placement test is on the computer and students are given 45 minutes to finish the test. There are 75 multiple choice questions in English Reading and Grammar skills. There will be an additional 15 minute orientation before the math and ESL tests begin.

How long does it take to get the test results?

Math - immediately after completing math test

ESL - next business day

Non-Credit ESL - within 2 business days

How do I get my placement test results?

You may access your test results in the Student Portal online at You may request that test results be mailed to you. It is recommended that you also meet with a counselor to go over your placement test results.

How many times can I take the placement test?


After the initial placement testing in a subject area, students may retake the test once per semester.


Students may retake each of the Math Placement Test levels once per semester. 

How long are the placement test results valid? 

Placement test results are valid for three years.

Which Math Placement Test should I take?

The four math test levels are, Algebra, or Elementary Algebra, or Intermediate Algebra, or Pre-Calculus. Each one is a different skill level. During the test, you will answer a Math Questionnaire. Your answers to the brief questionnaire determine your "Recommended Starting Test." You may choose to take a separate level test if you feel the recommendation does not match your skill level.

Is a calculator allowed during the Math Placement Test? 


Where can I submit my Early Assessment Program (EAP)/Smarter Balanced/CAASPP test results?

Email your test results to Student Success & Assessment Services at or fax to 707-524-1638, or submit in person. Test results are valid 2 years only after the Smarter Balance/EAP/CAASPP test.

Will you accept placement test results from other colleges?

Placement Test results from other accredited 2-year California community colleges will be accepted for evaluation. Submit by email, or fax to (707)524-1638 or submit in person. Test results older than three years are invalid.

What if I need special accommodations to take the placement test?

For special accommodations (i.e. extra time for testing,) contact the Disability Resources Department at (707) 527-4278 at the Santa Rosa Campus, or call (707) 778-2491 at the Petaluma Campus.

What is the Chemistry Diagnostic Test?

This is not a Placement Test. It is for students wanting to take CHEM 1A and CHEM 4A, but have not satisfied the prerequisite. Approval for CHEM 1A or 4A without CHEM 42 is based on the Chemistry Diagnostic Review Questionnaire and Test. Login to the Student Portal to make an appointment. Take the Chemistry Diagnostic Review Questionnaire and Test at Student Success and Assessment Services. Wait three business days for Chemistry Department approval, which will be posted in the Student Portal in Challenges & Equivalencies. The Chemistry Diagnostic Test is 45 minutes, and there will be a 15 minutes orientation before the test begins. A scientific calculator will be provided.

What is the Mathematics Competency Exam? 

This is not a Placement Test. The Mathematics Competency Exam is offered to students who are ready to graduate and have not fulfilled the SRJC math requirement for an Associate Degree. Photo identification is required on the day of the exam. This exam is not transferable, and does not apply to the SRJC math course sequence. SRJC Catalog Rights determine which mathematics competency exam a student may complete. For more information contact a Student Success & Assessment Services Center.

Where do I find out about the High School Equivalency Exams?

To sign up to take the GED exam go online to and for the HiSET exam. Contact the SRJC College Skills Department at 707-527-4834 for information regarding a free GED/HiSET preparation course. As a SRJC student you may add the course online at Or contact Student Success & Assessment Services for more detailed information at 707-527-4661.

Where can I find out information about Proctoring Services? 

Contact Student Success & Assessment Services at 707-527-4661, or visit our Distance Education Proctoring Services website for more information about having a Distance Education Program exam proctored.