Fall 2022 Enrollment Impacts from Elimination of Pre-Transfer Math and English Courses

Starting Fall 2022, the California Community College Chancellor’s Office (CCCCO) is requiring major changes to the Math and English course offerings at Santa Rosa Junior College. The pre-transfer level Math and English courses listed below will not be offered:

  • MATH 101: Mathematics for the Associate Degree
  • MATH 150: Elementary Algebra
  • MATH 154: Elementary and Intermediate Algebra for Business and STEM
  • MATH 156: Intermediate Algebra for Business and STEM
  • MATH 161: Mathematics Preparation for Business and Liberal Arts
  • ENGL 100: College Reading and Writing

(NOTE: Course numberings of 1-99 are considered transfer-level to UC and CSU systems, while courses numbered 100-399 are considered pre-transfer-level).

Multiple courses and degrees utilize these pre-transfer level classes as prerequisite requirements. The information below will help you navigate through these changes: