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Credit & Non-Credit ESL Placement Calculations

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Credit ESL Placement

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  • Credit ESL Guided Self-Placement

    The Credit ESL Guided Self-Placement will give you insight into what type of reading and writing assignments you can expect in our ESL courses at SRJC. Through self-evaluation, watching ESL videos, and reading sample prompts, you will be able to decide which ESL course may be appropriate for your level of experience.

    Upon completion of this activity, you will be allowed to enroll in the ESL level that is best for you. ESL courses begin at the intermediate level (ESL 371) and go all the way through transfer-level composition (ESL 10, equivalent to English 1A).

    Next Steps

    I completed the ESL Guided Self-Placement, but I do not see my results.

    Within 24 hours after completing the ESL Guided Self-Placement, you can view the level you selected in your Student Portal. If you do not see your ESL placement result in your Student Portal after 24 hours, please contact Assessment Services at (707) 527-4661, Santa Rosa Campus or (707) 778-3908, Petaluma Campus.

    When can I register for classes?

    You can register for your classes during your registration date. Log in to your Student Portal to see your registration date, under Priority Registration Status.

  • Prior Credit ESL Placement Test

    If you took the placement test before July 2021, see the cut-off scores below:

    Course Placement
    70-75 ESL 100 - ESL College Reading and Writing (4.5 units) + ESL 300 - Advanced Grammar Review (1.5 units)
    65-69 ESL 373 - Advanced Reading, Writing, & Grammar (9 units)
    60-64 ESL 372 - High-Intermediate Reading, Writing, & Grammar (9 units)
    55-59 ESL 371 - Intermediate Reading, Writing, & Grammar (9 units)
    45-54 ESL 781 - Low-Intermediate Reading, Writing, & Grammar (9 hours per week, 0 units Non-Credit Transition Class)

    You may view your placement results by logging in to your Student Portal.

Non-Credit ESL Placement

Score Range



ESL 716 


ESL 715 


ESL 714 


ESL 713 


ESL 712 

You may view your placement results by logging in to your Student Portal.