Credit EMLS Guided Self Placement

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Credit EMLS Guided Self-Placement

You have the power to choose what level of Credit EMLS or English you would like to take.

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Credit EMLS Guided Self Placement

In the EMLS Guided Self-Placement, you will work through four steps that will assist you in deciding which credit EMLS level is right for you.

Upon completing this activity, you will be allowed to enroll in EMLS 10, EMLS 100, EMLS 373, EMLS 371, or EMLS 371. Please allow four hours for your student records to update with your EMLS placement.

Take the Credit ELMS Guided Self-Placement

Next Steps

I completed the Credit EMLS Guided Self-Placement, but I do not see my results.

Within four hours after completing the ELMS Guided Self-Placement, you can view the level you selected in your Student Portal. If you do not see your EMLS placement result in your Student Portal after 4 hours, please contact please call SRJC Roseland at (707) 527-4229.

When can I register for classes?

You can register for your classes during your registration date. Log in to your Student Portal to see your registration date, under Priority Registration Status.

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Need Help?
Need Help?

If you are unable to access Canvas or need help navigating the EMLS Guided Self-Placement, please contact please call SRJC Roseland at (707) 527-4229.

Explore other placement options:

Continuing ELMS Courses

Assembly Bill 705 (also known as AB 705), allows students more flexibility for taking EMLS courses at different levels of EMLS. If you feel comfortable continuing in the EMLS level you are in now, you don't need to do anything differently; you can stay at that level and continue to complete EMLS courses to advance to the next level in the EMLS pathway.

If you prefer to take courses at higher levels of instruction, you can take the EMLS Guided Self-Placement. After you complete the EMLS Guided Self-Placement, you will be free to enroll in any EMLS courses you wish to take.

Using High School Records

If you are currently in the 12th grade or graduated from high school within the last 10 years, you have the option to use your high school records.

To see your English placement results, log in to your Student Portal. An English placement allows you to take English 1A or EMLS 10 (see how your English placement is calculated).

If you need help deciding whether to use your high school records or take the EMLS Guided Self-Placement, please meet with an academic counselor.

Transfer ELMS Courses

If you have taken credit EMLS courses at another college or university, call (707) 527-4305, Santa Rosa Campus, or (707) 778-3908, Petaluma Campus before taking the Guided Self Placement.

I want to...

Use Prior Placement

If you took the placement test before July 2021, you have the option to take the Guided Self-Placement or use your placement test score. See the cut-off scores below:

Course Placement
70-75 EMLS 20 - EMLS College Reading and Writing (4.5 units) + EMLS 300 - Advanced Grammar Review (1.5 units)
65-69 EMLS 30 - Advanced Reading, Writing, & Grammar (9 units)
60-64 EMLS 372 - High-Intermediate Reading, Writing, & Grammar (9 units)
55-59 EMLS 371 - Intermediate Reading, Writing, & Grammar (9 units)
45-54 EMLS 781 - Low-Intermediate Reading, Writing, & Grammar (9 hours per week, 0 units Non-Credit Transition Class)
Request Accommodations

If you have a verifiable disability and need accommodations completing the EMLS Guided Self-Placement, please contact the Disability Resources Department at (707) 527-4581 to make an appointment.

Ask a Question

Our staff is here to support you with your placement questions and ensure you have a smooth process in registering for courses here at SRJC!

Connect with us Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm.