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Using AP Exam Scores

If you have taken an AP class in high school, explore the page below to learn how earning a qualifying AP score can help you meet college prerequisites and satisfy the assessment requirement.

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Satisfy My Placement

To use AP credit for placement in English or Math you must do the following:

Submit Official AP transcripts to Admissions and Records AND submit a Prerequisite Equivalency Form for English or math. You may view the course equivalency awarded by SRJC on the AP chart. Once official transcripts have been reviewed and approved you will then be able to register for the class requiring a math and/or English as a prerequisite.

Note: A passing AP score in math or English may satisfy a math or English GE or major requirement. Review the AP chart to view how credit is awarded by SRJC, CSUs, and UCs. For CSUs and UCs, the chart only displays credit for GE and elective credit. Credit for a major must be determined by researching each university.

Request AP Score

You can request an official AP Score Report through the College Board website. When signed in to your account, select Send Scores to Colleges Now and follow the instructions.

Ask a Question

The Counseling Department is here to assist you in understanding how your AP scores may fulfill SRJC course prerequisites.