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Guided Self-Placement

Due to COVID-19 SRJC Campuses are closed to students and members of the public until further notice. The Guided Self-Placement is now available online and can be accomplish at home at your own pace.

Guided Self-Placement is an activity that provides an opportunity to choose the course(s) most suitable for you, since you are in the best position to evaluate your own abilities and circumstances.

The Guided Self-Placement activity is for students who:
  • are dual enrolled* in 9-11th grade in need of English placement, or
  • graduated high school before 2011, or
  • attended high school internationally, or
  • did not/will not complete high school

*Dual enrolled students who are in the 9-11th grades have multiple methods of meeting a math or English prerequisite depending on their situation. Learn more.

To help inform your decision making, a Guided Self-Placement will provide you:
  • a review of course options/ applicable areas of study
  • a preview of course content
  • an opportunity to practice/study course content
  • information about academic and support services available to you
  • an opportunity for self-reflection (content knowledge and life factors)
  • the opportunity to choose the course best suited for you

Take the Guided Self-Placement

The Guided Self-Placement is now available online and can be accomplished at home and at your own pace.