Guided Self-Placement

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Students who did not graduate from a United States high school within the last ten years will use a Guided Self-Placement instead of high school records.

Guided Self-Placement is an activity that provides an opportunity to choose the course(s) most suitable for you, since you are in the best position to evaluate your own abilities and circumstances.

To help inform your decision making, we are developing a Guided Self-Placement tool that will provide you:

  • a review of course options/ applicable areas of study
  • a preview of course content
  • an opportunity to practice/study course content
  • information about academic and support services available to you
  • an opportunity for self-reflection (content knowledge and life factors)
  • the opportunity to choose the course best suited for you

The Guided Self-Placement tool will be accessible online (and can be accomplished at home and at your own pace) by Summer 2019.