English Cut Off Scores


Course Placement

Course Description 

125 - 195 ENGL 1A Reading and Composition
109 - 124 ENGL 100 or ENGL 309 College Reading and Writing; or College Reading and Writing-Extensive
94 - 108 ENGL 307 or ENGL 309 Improvement of College Reading and Writing; or College Reading and Writing-Extensive
78 - 93 ENGL 305.1 or ENGL 309 Development of College Reading and Writing, or College Reading and Writing-Extensive
60-77 CSKLS 313 Foundations of College Reading and Writing
0-59 CSKLS 312 Grammar and Writing Skills

How is the essay scored

Each essay is read and scored holistically by two different faculty members using a scoring guide that helps to define degrees of writing proficiency. The two readers' scores are combined to give your reported score, which will fall between 2 (low) and 12 (high). A score of 0 is given to essays not written on the assigned topic.

The readers will be looking for the following:

  1. Addresses the topic and responds to all aspects of the task
  2. Demonstrates a critical understanding of the passage in developing a response
  3. Reveals some depth of thinking
  4. Coherently organized and developed, with a main idea supported by appropriate reasons, examples and details
  5. Command of sentence structure and language
  6. Grammatical accuracy

The Multiple-Choice test:

The Multiple-Choice test is comprised of 65 questions administered in two separate components: 1) Reading Comprehension (35 questions and 30 minutes), and 2) Sentence Structure and Grammar (30 questions and 20 minutes).


The WS carries twice as much weight in placing students as the multiple choice (CTEP). Thus, the scores are adjusted so that the WS = 2/3 and CTEP = 1/3 of the placement score. The formula used to calculate the English combined score is: (WS x 10.79) + Multiple Choice (CTEP).