Announcement to all SRJC students!

AB 705 is fully implemented, please visit our home page to learn more.

The Student Success & Assessment Services Office is pleased to share some very important information with you. All students will have an opportunity to qualify for transfer-level math and English, effective Summer and Fall 2019 enrollment.

Research shows that a high school grade point average is the strongest predictor of performance in college-level coursework. With the newly enacted Assembly Bill 705, students will receive a placement using high school records instead of our old assessment tests.

  • High School DiplomaDid you graduate from a U.S. High School after 2008? 


  • globe and booksDid you graduate high school before 2009? Did you attend a high school internationally? Or have you not (yet) completed high school?

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  • tablet in handLearn about the support to help you in math and English

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